We made it to Ukraine! (+ new song!)

We got to Ukraine at about 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday. Our flight was late and full, so we had to gate-check David’s guitar, but otherwise completely uneventful. We had a lot of fun talking with people that were also on their way back to Ukraine, sharing experiences of what America is like for Ukrainians and stuff like that.

Katya’s mom is doing well despite the pain in her hips. We have scheduled her first operation for Monday. Please pray for that! We are only going to replace one hip this time, because we don’t have the money for the second one. That is going to cost 80,000 UAH (which is about $3,200). We also need a little more money for rehab. Please pray for that.

Please also pray for grandma. She’s not doing so well. It’s hard – she cries a lot. She was really happy to see us, but one of the first things that she wanted to do was to go visit the cemetery with us… This is really hard for her.

David has been writing songs since we got to America in February. This is the first one he wrote back in February when it was really hard. It was shortly after Katya’s dad died.

Here are the words:

When troubles come and I can’t see
If I’m really where I’m supposed to be
When clouds seem to hide Your face
And my heart and mind are out of place

Help me to
See You’re really holding me
To know eventually You’ll show
To me, You are
Everything I need

Jesus, help me see
And choose to trust in You

When storms of anxiety
Threaten my security
When what I want and where I am
Don’t line up with my “perfect plan”


For You are sovereign, sovereign
Above all else, above all others
For You are sovereign, sovereign
Above my heart and my desires

Your thoughts are higher still

Help me to
See You’re still on Your Sovereign Throne
To know, You’re here
And never will leave me alone
To me, You are
Everything I need

Jesus, help me see
And choose to trust in You

P.S. – If anyone would like the chords, they are available upon request. 😀

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