It’s beginning!


We started pre-production on our first Christian shortfilm last week, and the details are slowly coming together. Please pray for us that God would guide David as he puts together a team and shoots, edits, and publishes this first film. He’s currently in the process of translating the script into Ukrainian, storyboarding, and working out the logistics of everything. It may take a little while, but we’re going to try to make a version with English subtitles so that you all can see it.

Health Update

Please keep praying for Tanya, Katya’s mom. She is slowly getting better; however, it’s still discouraging to her that she can’t walk immediately after her first surgery. Also, today she was feeling really nauseous. David’s health is doing well. We still haven’t been able to work out going to his doctor since we’ve been here because of taking care of Tanya and grandma, but we’re going to work that out soon.

This whole process of getting both of Tanya’s hips replaced will take about eight months to a year. After her first surgery, there is an expected 3-4th month recovery time before she can have the other leg operated on. That makes it really hard for her, because her other hip and knee are doing really poorly.

Don’t forget – you can help!

We are raising funds right now to help both with Katya’s mom’s surgery and for our shortfilm ministry. If you would like to join in, you can click here to access our church’s giving page. Every donation there will go straight into our account, and it’s tax deductible. For Katya’s mom, we need to raise about $3,600 (that’s what the first operation cost). For the shortfilm ministry, we need some new equipment and a large generator that would cost about $1,000. The generator would then be used for summer camps as well.

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