We have had a great visit to America!

Thank you to everyone that’s made our trip so amazing! We’ve had an awesome time here, and it’s hard to leave… but we also can’t wait to get back to Ukraine! Please be praying for our “road home” as we prepare everything for the flight on Monday. There are a lot of details that are basically “we’ll find out when we get there” with living arrangements and plans for the next year.

There are SO many things that are on our hearts to do, but the first thing we need to focus on is Katya’s mom’s health. Please pray for wisdom, provision, and God’s timing for that. The process is very slow going, and we still need to raise more funds for the actual surgery and rehab afterwards.

Churches we visited this time

We didn’t visit nearly as many churches this time around as we did when we came back in 2014. We instead tried to really dig in at our church in Indianapolis. That allowed us to really feel at home and strengthen our friendships with the people there. We’re really thankful for our church there in Indy – they provide us accountability and support in a lot of ways.

Our time with family in Arizona, Texas and Florida has been priceless. That’s probably the hardest thing to leave behind. We grew a lot closer to David’s family this time around, and we really hope to be able to come back and forth more often to see them.

Well… We take off on Monday! Our bags are bursting full of gifts for friends and family back in Ukraine, and our hearts are full of expectation to see everyone.

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