CD ministry just started!

I know it is really old news for other churches, but I’m really excited about this!  I just burned the first three CD’s that folks ordered at church!  Think about this – there are people that want to, outside of the walls of the church, listen to the Word of God being preached.  In fact, they want to share it with other people!  The order I just filled was placed by a guy that wanted to share these sermons with friends of his and ordered three copies of the same sermon!

It’s easy to think that technology only makes a church “cooler” or “more current”, but the whole purpose of our lives is to share Jesus’ truth with others, and when technology helps us to do that, it’s such a beautiful thing!

We even now have a podcast up (which you guys can listen to, because it’s in both English and Ukrainian – click here if you want to!).  People all over Ukraine are now listening to the Word of God preached over the internet!  Please be praying for us as we keep seeking new ways to leverage technology for the Word of God and His Kingdom!

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