Recording an album with Josh and the guys!!!

Today me and the guys are in Ternopil!  😀  That is the next town over where George and Jonny Markey are missionaries with their families.  Joshua Pratt (the worship leader of our church and our pastor’s son) is recording a new album, and I get to play electric guitar for it!  Please pray for us as we are producing this album and just getting ready to glorify God through music.  We also have an audition with the band we’re forming on Saturday with a venue.  I’ll update you guys later if we can upload the songs to iTunes or something so that you guys can listen.

Here’s some pictures from the train ride and recording with the guys.  We’re all a little tired, so please give our appearances some patience!  😀  We also got to try out Jonny’s inversion machine – I’ve never been on one of those before!  I’m wondering if I should get one for my back, too.  I mostly have problems with my uper back, and I don’t know if it helps with that.

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