Getting into cinematography…

Hey, guys!  I’m pretty excited about some new projects that our church is starting on right now.  We just got a camera to work with for the church, and I’m really fired up to start shooting, cutting, and producing videos for the different ministries here.  Please be praying for me – I have a LOT to learn.  One of the main things we need right now is new equipment – we need a LOT more lighting at the church, and I’m looking at different software packages for editing and stuff.  The lighting there at the church for anything is AWFULLLL!!!!  (Yes, the quadruple-L was totally intentional.)

This is acutally something I’ve been thinking of for a while, and one of the reasons that I made the Lion Kink Chronicles with the youth group – I wanted to learn the basics of how to move with a camera, how to plot a storyline, and how to cut and do post-production.  Here’s the first episode:

Thanks a lot for your prayers, views and support!

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