Pictures from Jan-Feb

The first couple of months of 2023 have been blessed and fruitful! Here are a few memorable moments from January and February of this year. Please keep praying, as the 1-year anniversary of the attack is coming up tomorrow!

Here is an explanation of the photos:

1. A short trip we took in Poland to celebrate the New Year together
2. Teaching an online class for local military and police chaplains about how to put together a quality presentation
3. Preaching in the Central Baptist Church in Ternopil, Ukraine
4. A baby dedication that happened while I was there
5. Playing a worship song at that church that went with the sermon
6. One of my classes that I helped to teach at the local seminary in Lviv, Ukraine
7. Prayer on our knees in church for peace and victory for Ukraine
8. Walking with the dog in the park (this is a much bigger blessing than you could imagine—it both helps you to cool off during a heard, stressful week, and she also helps to start conversations with our neighbors about the Gospel
9. Cooking breakfast on a camping stove on the balcony while the power is out in Lviv, Ukraine
10. A good friend of ours getting shipped off to the army
11. A rocket hit a grocery store a few miles from Lviv
12. Preaching at Salvation Baptist Church in Lviv, Ukraine
13. Reading New Morning Mercies by Paul Trip with the family in the evenings
14. Katya translating a class with Dr. Mark MacDonald in the basement of the seminary in Lviv, Ukraine during an air raid
15. David translating a question and answer session for Bobby Watkins at the seminary in Lviv, Ukraine
16. Sleeping in the hallway during an air raid in Lviv, Ukraine
17. Jon Markey, the band Room for More, and the Ternopil Chamber Orchestra at a concert in Lviv, Ukraine—that was amazing!
18. Homemade pizza with family in Lviv, Ukraine 🙂

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