Teaching at Seminary

God blessed David with more opportunities to teach at the Lviv seminary recently. Here is a photo with the class that he helped to teach in January about prayer and worship:

The students were wonderful. There were two different faculties combined into one class group: the Church Ministry Development faculty and the New Church Planting faculty. The former of the two is basically a school for deacons in existing churches, while the second tries to form local teams to plant new churches. Some of the deacons group were from churches that David has worked with or had contact with in the past, so it was wonderful to reconnect with them.

This class is actually a combination of two different subjects: the theology and practice of prayer, and the theology and practice of Christian worship. It’s hard to teach either one of those thoroughly in a single week, so the material is very streamlined and practical. Much of the homework is different protects to put prayer and worship into action. Here are some of the students’ assignments:

  • 25 days of prayer for a particular people group
  • A full day of prayer by yourself without distraction or internet
  • An 18-minute presentation in class of a mini worship service with all of the essential elements, though without a sermon
  • A prayer walk

David and the students watched lectures together by Dr. Jim Ehrhard, a seminary professor that recently moved from Ukraine to America, and David would stop each video at different points, either explaining what Jim meant, adding his two cents, saying where he disagreed, or asking questions for discussion with the students. David has gotten the same feedback twice in a row now from two different sets of students—he needs to ditch the videos and just teach the class by himself! That is very encouraging; however, until he has completed his master’s degree, there will still be a connection between this class and the old video material, as he cannot officially teach the class by himself.

Please pray for the seminary and for David’s students. Every time they come to Lviv, there is a danger for running into a draft officer on the road to the seminary. Ukraine has had heavy losses recently, and draft officers are starting to stop people on the streets or at the train station to give them draft papers.

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