David’s surgery

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m sure most of you are staying home and spending time with family right now. We almost missed the opportunity to do that, as David needs to have surgery this week. We’re not really sure how much detail to share, as we don’t want anyone to get squeamish, but David has had problems with his lower intestines since getting COVID last year, and now he needs to have a minor operation to fix some issues “down there.”

We were originally referred to a surgeon here in Lviv; however, after talking to a close family friend that had this same operation with the same doctor, we learned that this surgeon messed up his operation very badly. Our friend had to find another doctor and do the operation again four times because of how badly the first one was done. Thank God, we found a new doctor in Kyiv (an 8-hour train ride away) and David is going to have the surgery on Tuesday.

This new doctor seems to be a good one. However, the operation is at a private clinic in the capital city (where everything is much more expensive) and will be paid “out of pocket.” The surgery by itself will be $1400, plus they need to do some other medial procedures, we will have travel expenses, and we have already spent a lot of money on medication. We will probably need to raise around $2000 to cover everything, though that’s a very early estimate.

If any of you would like to give and help us with this, you can either make tax-deductible donations on our website, or you can send us a friendly gift to our PayPal account connected with our david@davidandkatya.com email address. PayPal is the easiest; however, it’s not considered a donation but a gift from a friend – it’s not tax-deductible.

Thanks to ALL for rooting for us and praying for all of this! Merry Christmas!

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