A History of Video

I was looking back today at the different video projects that we’ve done over the years with New Horizons L’viv and separately, and it’s been a real blessing to have so many opportunities.

2016 – Ivana Kupala Night

Ivana Kupala Night is the first shortfilm that we produced independently from New Horizons Lviv. It takes the Ukrainian holiday Ivana Kupala and shows how to see Christ in the celebrations there, even though it’s basically a pagan holiday.

2015 – The Greatest Gift (Ukrainian)

This is the first evangelistic shortfilm that we produced. It was very hastily done, because the idea for it came a couple of days before St. Nicholas day, and we wanted to get the video online before then. It basically talks about how Jesus Christ and the life that He gives are the greatest gift ever.

2015 – Baptism Testimonies

I love hearing the testimonies of those that are getting baptized. This is a bit of a long video, but it has English subtitles, and it’s very moving to see and hear what these girls are going through spiritually when they make their commitment to be baptized.

2014 – We remember.

This video is a follow-up to the Revolution of Dignity here in Ukraine. It’s basically a video to mourn those that died at the Maidan in Kyiv.

2013 – Why should I share? (Ukrainian)

This was a video promotion that I did to encourage people to get involved with our web ministry at New Horizons. It’s not the very first video work I’ve ever done, but it’s the first thing I put together for church.

Blessed with success.

The first two films in this list are more a part of the vision that we have today with Scarlet Thread Media. We’re still working on the website, but we already have a Facebook page. If you guys would like to check that out, you can by clicking here.

I love what we’re doing, and God is giving us success in it. The video for Ivana Kupala already has over 1000 views, and “The Greatest Gift” has about 2000 if you count Facebook and YouTube together. I’ve had conversations with complete strangers that tell me, “Yeah – I’ve seen that video.”

Please keep praying for the preproduction of our next two films. The first one, we’ll be shooting in a couple of weeks, and the next one is much bigger and will take most of the summer to complete. It’s called “Мій відпочинок” or “My Rest”, and you can find out more about it by clicking here.

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