My Rest: Shortfilm Preproduction

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My Rest is about a young woman pressured into a relationship she eventually loses because of a crisis pregnancy.

Halya, a young woman living in Kyiv, Ukraine, is about to turn 30. Her friends and relatives constantly nag her about “settling down” and starting a family. This is a very common thing in Ukraine, as the culture is very family-oriented, and, if a woman isn’t married by about 24, she is considered an “old maid”. She starts dating another young man, but she gets pregnant, and he leaves. In order to get him back, she considers having an abortion. This sends her on a journey that, in the end, leads her to Christ.

Where do we find rest?

The main question that this film tries to answer, in a natural, unimposing way, is, “Where do we find rest?” The Ukrainian title is “Мій Відпочинок”, which is a play on words. It means both, “my rest” and “my vacation”, referring to the journey that Halya goes on to find peace.

Abortion is literally ravaging Eastern Europe. The abortion rates of the United States, Canada, and the UK combined do not compare with what is happening in this region of the world. Ukrainians, especially youth, are starting to loose hope in many things, including the church. That is often the last place that anyone would look to for some kind of help.

How do we love these people?

Once this film is finished, we will give it to churches and local organizations, so that they can start conversations with young people either considering abortion or post-abortion. We want to give the churches a creative way to tell them, “Jesus loves you, and He wants to heal you fully.”

How can you help?

There are many ways that you can get involved. Here are the top two:

Monthly Prayer

Please pray for the work we are a part of in Ukraine. We send out a monthly missionary newsletter that includes prayer requests. If you would like to receive it every month, click here.


Giving Financially

We believe that God will provide for this film, which is why we invite you to invest in it, to spread the Gospel here in Ukraine. If you would like to give, please click here.

Online Giving

Please also share this page with your friends, so that we can get the word out to as many people as possible. The more people we have praying for and supporting this project, the higher quality we can make it.

Stretch Goal

As a stretch goal, if we get above $10,000, we are planning on working on a dubbed version to distribute in other languages in Eastern Europe. We are still working on what that would cost for each additional language, but the vision is to serve as many of the eastern-block nations as possible with a film that will speak specifically to their culture.

Our Main Production Team

David Snead

Producer and Director
(Producer and Director,
“Ніч Івана Купала”)

Elijah Leschenko

Director of Photography
(YouTuber and Cinematographer,
“Ніч Івана Купала”)

Oksana Yashchuk

First Assistant Director
(Former Head of Theater Ministry,
Ірпінська Біблійна церква)

Ivanna Bzhezinska

Star / Actress
(Theater and Film Actress,
Київський академічний Молодий театр)

Stanislav Bzhezinski

(Theater and Film Actor,
Київський академічний Молодий театр)

Yana Kovernik

(Theater and Film Actress,
Київський академічний Молодий театр)