Summer camp coming up!


We (Katya and I) are going to be serving at a summer camp at the end of the month, so get ready for a lot of pictures from in the forest with muddy kids, camp fires, tents, and mountain streams! Katya and I love this part of our ministry so much! It’s such an awesome opportunity to share Jesus’ love with kids in the middle of God’s great, amazing creation!

Please be praying for my foot, Katya’s back, and Katya’s mom during our time at the camp. We’ll be staying in a tent in the mountains, so I’m a little concerned for how that will affect the day-to-day pain of my foot / joints. Katya’s back also often doesn’t do very well in camps. Our friends are literally planning on building us a bed when we are there so that it will be easier for us!

As far as Katya’s mom – she’ll be taken care of by Katya’s sister and one of our closest friends. She is still having a very hard time getting around our apartment. Her next operation is due in another couple of months, so please also be praying for the funds for that.

We have some other good news – the trouble with the inheritance laws here with the ownership of the apartment, etc., seems to be taken care of. Thank you all so much for praying for that!

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