We finished our first shortfilm! Praise the Lord!

Between thunderstorms, equipment issues, travel, and David’s first time being stopped by the police EVER in Ukraine, creating this first shortfilm has been a crazy adventure, but it’s done! We’ve gotten over 600 views in just the first few days, and it’s had a post reach of almost 3000 on Facebook alone! You can watch it below (be sure to click on the “CC” button to enable subtitles!):

An amazing experience…

We have learned so much and seen God’s faithfulness in every step through the process of producing this shortfilm. All we can say is that God is amazing! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to purchase the generator that we mentioned in the last e-mail, but, praise the Lord, God provided! We were able to borrow one from a church!

Please keep praying for us and for the process of raising funds for Katya’s mom’s surgery. If you would like to join in, you can click here to access our church’s giving page. Every donation there will go straight into our account, and it’s tax deductible.

In other news…

We’ve also started getting more and more involved in God’s Love Church, Katya’s old church, on the south side of town. We’ll be going there and helping with Calvary Chapel Ternopil, the church where Jon Markey pastors, from now on. We’re going to serve in a summer camp there at the end of this month and early August after David goes to the Ukrainian Calvary Chapel Worship Conference in Ternopil.

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