Please be praying for us…

Since we sent out our last newsletter, David has been having some very odd and painful problems with his back. There is inflamation near his sciatic nerves, and the doctors are still looking for the reason. Right now, they have him on medication that keeps the pain and inflamation down. We had an MRI done, but it didn’t show any problems other than the inflamation – there’s nothing wrong with his bones or muscles. Please be praying for healing, for provision for medical bills, and that they would find the reason behind the pain.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.46.17 PMThere is good news, though! David received his temporary residency permit this month! (Pictured.) We are still in the process of getting permanent residency, but this is a huge step forward for us.

Thank you all again for your prayers! Y’all are a blessing to us!

God bless,
David and Katya Snead

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