Update on Debaltseve

About a week ago, we sent out an urgent prayer email asking for prayer for three soldiers that were in Debaltseve, which was under attack by the Russian army. We haven’t been able to get any information about those three guys in particular, but we do know that Russia took that town from Ukraine. There have been conflicting reports as to what actually happened, but they all say that this was some of the fiercest fighting that Ukraine has seen this year. It’s also a complete violation of the “cease fire” that Russia promised in Minsk.

Please keep praying for Ukraine. Debaltseve was a key town to lose, because it was a railway hub on the road from Russia into terrorist-controlled territory. From what we hear, there is fighting now going on further down the line towards the Luhansk / Donetsk area.

Below is a video that we saw on YouTube that might touch your heart and give you a sense of what we go through as our friends get ready to be shipped east. Ukraine just wants freedom from bully countries (particularly Russia right now) and corruption. It’s what they’ve been fighting for since the Maidan started.

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