Personal / Ministry Update


Hey, everybody! We just wanted to give you guys an update on how we’ve been doing and what’s new since our last update. We've been doing well since the new year – just very busy. Between David's work at the church with the web ministry, Katya's job at the preschool, joining a gym to get our backs (and bodies in general) healthy, and more ministries and conferences popping up at the church, it's been a busy start of the season. Sometimes it’s been hard to take the time we need as a couple together (please pray for that), but otherwise, we generally like being busy – it keeps life interesting and productive. 😀 😀

Katya has been doing well. She’s been able to get a lot more active in the church recently and is trying to facilitate fellowship between the young women of the church. They just recently had “girl’s night” at our apartment, which was a lot of fun. There was lots of laughing, games, and girly stuff, and David got “pulled in” to bake homemade pizza for them. Please do pray for her and the other women in the church as that ministry grows.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 3.55.49 PM

The biggest project for David so far this year was the redesign of our church's website, – pictured right. It took about a month of hard work with a large team to get the whole thing done. The “programmer” part of the team is actually getting together next week to celebrate the completion of the project. Please feel free to check it out and then tell us what you think! (The link above will take you to the English section, so you'll be able to understand everything there… you can also click here.)

We can't give the full details of the next project he's currently working on, but we can say that it's something like a Christian web-magazine. It will be in English and in Ukrainian. If you have connections with people in that field (publications, writers, bloggers, etc.) or if you can help in some way, please contact us asap.

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