Please pray for Katya…

Please keep praying for Katya. She’s doing a little bit better now (some of you guys have been following us on Facebook, so you may already know these details…), but we’ve been going back and forth to different doctors and clinic the past few days. We are still trying to figure out what exacly is going on with her. The first diagnosis was appendicitis, the next was an intestinal infection, the third was kidney stones, and now it could be inflamation of the kidneys (possibly in addition to kidney stones).

Poor Katya’s been in a lot of pain since this all started, along with a low-grade fever. The pain has gone up and down from just annoying all the way to keeping her from being able to sleep.

Please pray for Katya that she would be healed, for the doctors to get the right diagnosis, and for David as he takes care of Katya. Please also pray for our dog – she’s also having some health issues. Our dog lives with Katya’s parents, and Katya’s mom has trouble walking because of a bad hip, so we are staying with her parents right now to be able to take care of the dog better.

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