Videos that we’ve made!

One of our ministries here in Ukraine is making videos for the church. We thought you guys would like to see a few of the ones that we’ve made so far. This is actually all done with free or open-source software, and we’ve often needed to borrow equipment. Please pray that we’ll be able to buy more equipment (microphones, booms, camera dollies, etc.), software, and upgrades for David’s computer. The computer memory we want to buy is only $150, and that would make a huge difference in the size of the projects we would be able to complete; however, it’s outside of our budget right now.

This is a promotional video for our social media and web ministries. It basically encourages people to get involved in the web ministry and to share our content as a ministry. This was our first really big video project. Most of the animations were done in Inkscape (an open-source SVG editor), and the music is from a royalty-free music site (we’ve even heard the same song used on TV in commercials and stuff).

This is a video that celebrates the time we went and played baseball with our church. The text says “To play baseball, you need to know the rules and practice… but most importantly, you need a team! Play ball!!! New Horizons L’viv church – we love to play together! Next time, play with us! Baseball! New Horizons L’viv Baseball!”

This video was one of the harder ones to produce because of the emotions involved. Please keep praying for the situation here in Ukraine. This video commemorates those that died fighting for their freedom in Kyiv. It says “We remember. New Horizons L’viv.” The black background at the end with the Ukrainian ribbon on the corner symbolizes mourning for the people that died.

If you would like information on how to support the Sneads financially, please click here.

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