Getting settled in…

2014-04-17 08.43.41Hey, everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know we got to L’viv just fine, and we’re getting into the swing of things here. We’re currently living at Katya’s parents’ place, and I’m supposed to start working at the church by the end of the month. Until then, I’m taking care of some business with the local seminary and getting a few other things wrapped up (it’s actually a pretty busy time for me right now). Katya is also translating away, and we’re both just getting reconnected with old friends and reestablishing connections with people.

We always appreciate your prayer during this time. Here are some things that you guys can pray for us right now:

  • A smooth transition into ministry and life here
  • Proper time / resource management – I just feel like my plate’s pretty full
  • Jet lag – the worst part of inter-continental travel
  • Provision for a couple of ministry opportunities – I need to buy some computer memory and a few other things for upcoming ministries

Thanks a lot guys!

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