Moving tomorrow!

Tomorrow, my friends are coming over to help me and Katya move all of our stuff from one side of L’viv to the other. This whole process of packing up and moving over to Katya’s parents’ apartment has been a big reminder of when I just moved into this apartment.

It’s an odd feeling. Katya is away at a conference, I’m packing up, the apartment is getting and feeling emptier and emptier, and I’m having those butterflies, that queasiness that comes with moving to a new place.

There’s something, though, that I’m praying the Lord will help me keep in mind:

Leaving one thing is always coming to something else.

All of this is in preparation for our trip to America this winter. I cannot wait to step through the doors of my old church with my wife on my arm and show all of my friends the gem I found in Ukraine. I cannot wait to go over to my dad’s house and my mom’s house with my wife and spend Christmas / New Years with them. I cannot wait to travel from church to church to church to church telling of the good work that God has done through Katya and me here in L’viv, Ukraine.

We cannot wait to see all of you.

That’s the vision. That’s the excitement. That’s what makes the pain of moving worth it.

2013-11-11 17.43.11 2013-11-11 17.43.36 2013-11-11 17.43.50
2013-11-11 18.05.18

P.S. – If you would like to see my blog posts from when I just moved in, click here. If you would like to see pictures, click here.

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