Missing my wife

Katya is going to be gone all this week translating at a conseling conference called “Coram Deo” (that’s Latin for “face to face with God”, I think). While she is gone, I’ll be finishing up packing and will move us over to her parents apartment. Please be praying for her especially, because she will be translating there from English into Russian, and, though she speaks Russian very well, it’s far from a first language for her. She is a little nervous. 😀 I know she will do a great job.

Y’all can also pray for me. I don’t really like being a bachelor again for a week, plus the pressure of moving. 😛 I’m gonna miss her.

There is a lot to do for this next month. We are waiting for Katya’s passport, working on her visa, looking for tickets, doing ministry, Katya is working, I’m taking a seminary class… Busy bees. It’s good, though. I love having a purpose, working toward a goal, accomplishing things… Believe it or not, there are times in ministry when you don’t feel like that, but you just have to keep on trucking, just like the rest of us, seeking The Lord and trusting Him.

we still need transportation, a place to stay, and part-time temporary work while we are in the States. If any of you hear about that or want to help with that, please let us know. (You can just comment blow.)

God bless!

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