THE PRATTS ARE BACK!!! THE PRATTS ARE BACK!!! THE PRATTS ARE BACK!!! Haha… can you tell I’m excited?!?!? I really missed having them here (there weren’t really any serious problems because they were gone, I just missed ’em). They flew into Kyiv a few days ago and then drove into L’viv. Please be praying for jet-lag and just getting back into the swing of things.
Haha…  The first couple of days that they’ve been back, in my free time I’ve been hanging out primarily with Joshua Pratt.  He’s the youngest of the Pratts kids, and probably the most energetic.  We’ve been just walking around town, playing music together, or playing video games or basketball.
It was really good to have our first staff meeting with Mike back on Monday.  We got right to it with new projects, things to pray about, and planning for outreaches, Bible studies, etc.  I’m really excited for the new stuff we’re going to be doing.  I’m almost sad that I’m going to have to be going back to America to do a little fundraising sometime this year – I don’t want to miss anything!

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