Somethin’ to pray for the worship team…

Hey, guys. Just wanted to ask for a little prayer for the worship ministry here in L’viv, Ukraine. There’s a couple of things that I’m trying to rearrange with the format, and we’re waiting on getting a sound system in from America. The Pratts are also just getting back, so I’ll have the rest of the team back! I’m really excited for that. Please be praying that we’ll find our groove playing together very quickly.
Some other ideas I’ve had for the team are having outdoor evangelism concerts and stuff like that. Please be praying for those opportunities.  I’ll let you guys know if anything materializes.
So… all in all, please be praying for us as we minister to the Lord and other people in song.
God bless!

2 thoughts on “Somethin’ to pray for the worship team…

  1. I will be praying for all of you David. Nice to see that you are in the Ukraine, where you wanted to be – Praise God!!May God bless you and use you for his work over there!Jan and Mike Bard

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