A Friend on the Fence

It’s pretty cool how God can open doors in different ways.  A few months ago, I joined a website that helps you learn different languages by hooking you up with native speakers of that language.  A guy messaged me on that site, and we’ve been talking and helping each other ever since.  He’s from Ukraine (pretty close to where I live, actually), and he speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and a little English.  He wants to learn English so that he can move to Australia to study and be an architect there.  That is his dream.  I’ve been helping him with his English and he’s been helping me with my Ukrainian.

The other day, he and I were talking, and we started talking about what I do for a living as a missionary and the different religions in the world.  As the conversation progressed, he came to the point where he admitted that he was a sinner and that he knew he was going to hell.  He said that he knew that God was giving him a choice, and that half of him wanted to choose God while the other half wanted to continue in his life of sin.

Please pray for him.  I believe he’s so close to where God wants him to be.  He let me pray with him at the end of that conversation.  I prayed for his studies, his travels, and his relationship with God.  Thanks a lot!

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