The Two Andrew’s

Please pray for two guys I met Saturday while coming home.  Both are really nice guys, and both are named Andriy (Andrew is the English version of their name).

One’s a Jehovah’s Witness and he works out at the gym that’s across the street from our church.  I met him while we were both walking toward our bus stop.  He was just asking me if I knew where one of the buses go, and then we started talking.  Later in the conversation, he said that he’s actually a teacher in his church.  I’ve been praying since I met those other two JW’s on the street for some opportunity to share the Gospel with them.  Please be praying, ’cause this could very well be my chance.  Imagine – how many people in a very Catholic city like L’viv want to have ANYTHING to do with the JW’s?  I want to be one of the few that reach out to these guys.  Now, there’s a lot of different things that could go wrong with this relationship, but imagine if this guy got saved…

The other Andriy is just a nice guy on the bus that we met as I was struggling through having a conversation in Ukrainian.  He randomly translated a word for us, and I later asked him, “So, you speak English?” and we started talking from there.  He’s a programmer, and I’m hoping he might be able to help me with the website, but, more than that, I’m praying for an opportunity to share the Lord with him.  He did seem to flinch a little when I told him I worked for a church, but he kept on talking with me and gave me his card.  He might start coming to our Thursday night English film club.

Please be praying that the enemy won’t hinder the work that God wants to do with these three instances on Friday.

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