Jesus as a missionary…

I was talking to a missionary friend of mine named Levi Brinkerhoff today (I’m actually still talking to him as I’m writing this) about the different emotional pressures of being a missionary and how I’ve had a hard time with that during the holidays (Christmastime can be difficult far from home in a strange place… who knew?  Haha).

Levi started talking about a teaching that Ben Morrison (another missionary) gave today.  Levi and I go to different churches in different cities, so I didn’t hear the teaching.  He talked about how Jesus was a missionary.

That’s a concept that I don’t think I’ve really ever thought about.  Jesus was a missionary.  He is the ultimate example of a missionary.  In Philippians 2, we see how He left His culture and way of life for something far less accommodating.  He gave up so much for us, and became like us so that we could be saved.

I wonder how often Jesus got homesick?  I wonder if He ever called home (prayed) and said, “Hey, Dad!  Things are going well down here.  The boys are still getting in trouble, and I have to watch Peter’s mouth (and sometimes his sword…), but they’re growing, learning, and ministering.  Miss Ya’!  I’ll be home soon!”  I think He did, based on the scripture in Hebrews that says that He was “tempted in all things as we are.”

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