Anya’s care…

I really scared my babushka neighbor, today…  I’m sick with a really bad sore throat, and Anya came to the door to ask me a question about my water bill.  I didn’t come to the door immediately, because I had slept in and my hair was all messy.  After she kept knocking, I quickly wetted my hair down and came to the door.

When I opened the door, she started to ask me about the bill, but then asked if I was sick.  I told her I was, and she got this horrified look on her face.  She immediately began to scold me for coming to the door barefoot and told me to get something on my feet.  I left the door to go get the information she needed for the bill and immediately put on some big thermal socks.  When I returned, she had some flu medicine for me and explained to me how to take it.

I’m very thankful for her.  I think she’s going to keep me alive through the winter.

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