Couple of picture stories…

Right now we’re looking for a building in town.  We really want to have a place for Ukrainians to come to every day and receive the Word, be ministered to in prayer, and have Christian fellowship.  This is one of the places around town that I took a picture of.  “ОРЕНДА” means “For Rent.”  Please be praying for this.

This is my friend, Shane, at his baptism the Saturday before last.  It was a really cool time of fellowship.  Only one of the baptist churches around here has a baptistery, so all of the baptist churches get together and have a group ceremony.

This is at the baptism again.  All of the people who were baptized went up and were prayed for.
This is the L’viv train station.  This past week, I went to Hungary for a conference at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Vajta.  I was able to travel with my friend Tim and his family.
Worship at the conference…  God really spoke to me during that week.  The messages had many different focuses, but it felt like they were all directed straight to my heart.
On the way home, we were able to stop at a mall in Budapest that had a KFC!  I haven’t had food like this in a LONG time…  haha.
This is Tim’s daughter.  She was being a trooper while waiting for our train from Budapest back to Hungary.  It was delayed for several hours.
The Ukrainian countryside outside my train car window…
Ladies and gentlemen… Ukraine has Oreos.
This is a church in Levandivka, the region of the city I live in.  It’s the big Catholic church in the last post.  Please be praying for the people in L’viv, that they would know God instead of simply following a religion of “do’s” and “don’t’s.”

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