Vision for English Club

Ok…  There’s a lot going on with starting an English club, and I’m not sure where to start.  A lot is up in the air.

We basically want to start a way that people can get to know us, learn English, and have fun at the same time.  Our idea is to go into one of the college campuses and start a night bi-weekly that we will watch American movies and discuss them afterward.  We have a university in mind, which we might be visiting today.

There’s a Christian university student organization called “SSA” (or CCA in Ukrainian/Russian) that we want to partner with here in Ukraine.  Calvary Chapel has a great reputation with them, and they are having meetings to decide exactly what involvement they want with this.  One of the board members is excited about what we are doing, but he told us that they wouldn’t be able to put any resources toward the project.  They might be able to just lend us their reputation as an organization, so that we could operate “under their name.”  That would actually help a lot here in Ukraine, and that’s really all we are asking for.

Please pray for that and for a projector, projector screen, and sound system with witch to play the movies.

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