…the importance of language…

Something has been really hammered into me lately: the importance of language.

I’ve been going with the Pratt boys to an English club on Wednesday nights, and I just went to the corresponding youth-group night on Saturday.  At the English club, kids come from all over the city to learn English just a little better, and then participate in a bi-lingual Bible study.  Very cool stuff.  I really enjoy that, and it helps me to learn Ukrainian.

Today, like I said, I attended the Saturday youth group… wow.  We played a couple of games for about an hour and a half, and then we had a Bible study… all in Ukrainian.  I felt so lost about half the time, and Alex (who was sitting next to me) couldn’t really translate fast enough to keep up with the study.  I realized that I was missing out on hearing what was really going on in the lives of the Ukrainians and that I couldn’t relate to them on a deeper level… at least, not without a translator.

I am studying Ukrainian, but situations like that make me want to study a lot harder, which is a good thing until I start to get perfectionism (please pray for me on that one).

I sooooo want to be able to communicate with these people well!  Jesus, please help me!

One thought on “…the importance of language…

  1. you will do fine. desire is big part of learning, plus getting involved with the kids-don't be afraid to speak and make errors…as you speak and listen, you'll learn. Also, playing on the worship team will help you tremendously-esp. in areas of biblical language which isn't taught really in a normal a language class setting..one day you'll go to youth group, begin listening, and discover-"I understood 1/4 of what they said"..or "I could follow along in my Bible and understand the basic theme of the conversation"!! give your self time and don't hit yourself over the head..that only makes you head hurt:)

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