My First "Macedonian Call": Street Witnessing in Indy

Last night was a very good night.  Sometimes, on Friday nights, my friends and I go swing dancing, but not this night.  Usually, when I go swing dancing, I feel convicted because, out of all the people I dance with, I never share Jesus with any of them.

After FNL, a jr. high outreach that we do at Horizon, I was coming back from driving one of the kids home, and a picture invaded my mind – there used to be a guy that would stand outside of the old 50’s diner that used to be just outside of the Naptown Stomp (the swing “club”).  He would pass out tracks in the little fountain area (in the Fountain Square).  I knew at that point that we were supposed to go street witnessing, and we were supposed to do it right there, at the little fountain in Fountain Square.  It kinda reminded me of Paul having the vision of the Macedonian guy pleading for the Gospel.

I made my way home, talked to Courtney and David (two of my friends) about it, and the three of us drove down town, parked the car, and walked to the fountain.  There were quite a few kids standing there.  We started a conversation with half of them.

The conversation started pretty casually.  We started talking about swing dancing (they were all dressed up like they had come downtown for this purpose), and then the group kind of split into two different conversations: David with a guy named Christian who did a lot of talking, and Courtney and me with the other three (two girls and one guy).  We talked about their spiritual beliefs and how to live up to God’s standard, and I presented the Gospel to them.  I told them how they cannot reach God’s standard, because He requires perfection, and Jesus is the only One that reached that standard.  I told them that was why Jesus had to die on the cross, to pay for our sins that keep us from reaching that standard.  I told them that Jesus was the only way.

Courtney stood by, listening to both conversations.  I’m sure she was praying for the both of us.  I was scared, but God provided the words.  He provided the Word.  I had a scripture verse for almost everything I said.

Our time was not without spiritual opposition.  Some guy came up to us and asked us if we knew how to purchase cocaine.  I told him that he was asking the wrong people.  As he continued to pester us, I threatened to call the police and even had to pull out my phone to get him to go away.

God, please take care of Christian and his friends.  They need you…  Please also take care of the cocaine guy.  He really needs you, too.

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