Calvary Chapel on the Horizon and ticket date

Thanks a lot, CCotH, for the great time.  I really enjoyed being out there, getting to play on the worship team, and sharing with everyone about Ukraine.  Please pray for Jim, the pastor.  He is having some sever back problems.

So… like I said – the ticket is PURCHASED.  I’m leaving July 27th!  I’ll be at church ONE LAST TIME on Sunday, the 25th.  If you can make it, please be there.  The church will be praying for me and sending me off.  After that, show up at 6:00 at South Campus for my going away party.  I think a couple people will be there at the airport to send me off, too.  I’m leaving for the airport in the morning on Tuesday, and I’m flying in the early afternoon. Please pray for that.  I love to fly, but going through all the security and stuff makes me nervous.

I’ll be landing in Kyiv on the 28th in the evening, and then I’ll be getting on a train for Turnopil that night.  After spending a little time in Turnopil, I’ll hit L’viv.  That’s the plan, anyway.

Thanks a lot for all the prayers!

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