The Norton’s

 Just went to Jack Norton’s home fellowship last night.  They were very welcoming.  From food, to prayer, to fellowship, to genuine interest in the LORD’s work in Ukraine, they showed me a very good time.  It was interesting trying to prepare to go over there.  It seemed like the devil just didn’t want me to be there.  I took a nap in the afternoon and didn’t wake up until the time that the home fellowship started, and when I went to go get the fliers off of a computer, the computer wouldn’t let me log in.  It’s a good thing God had His plan instead of mine.  I’m not sure that I was supposed to have fliers yesterday.  I was able to point them all to my website.

One thing that was really cool about going there is that a woman there knows a guy from Ukraine.  She’s trying to set it up so that he and I can meet for lunches and practice Ukrainian.

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