Men, we need to…

Men, we need to stand up for our families and lead them to the King.
There is nothing un-manly about following Jesus Christ; in fact, it’s
the biggest challenge you’ll ever face. Too many men are staying home
while their wives take the kids to church, taking a nap while their
wives read their Bibles to the kids, and turning the TV on while their
wives pray for their souls. #standup – Your example will either pull
your kids closer to God or push them away.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being a man, what it takes to be a good father, and stuff like that. Somewhat out of frustration and somewhat out of just a desire to encourage others to do and be all they can be, this was my Facebook status a week ago. One of my prayers is just to be a better husband and eventually a good father. (No – Katya is not pregnant! You can stop asking now! We’ll let you know if that happens – we’re “waiting” right now! 😀 😀 😀 )

You may have had a good dad, you may have had an absent dad – either way, if you’re a Christian, God is your dad. When you feel like being absent, going to the TV instead of interacting with your wife, etc., God can and will give you the strength to be a good husband and Father. That’s a fact, if you ask Him for the strength. He is your ultimate example.

We are in a very unique time in America. More kids are growing up without a dad than with one, and we can see the impact on our culture. Let’s take our God-given responsibility seriously and #standup. Be men.