Tomorrow there will be a “referendum”…

voteTomorrow in Crimea, there will be a “referendum” to the people of Crimea. Basically that means that everyone in Crimea will be able to vote on whether or not they want to be a part of Russia; however, no one is really expecting a fair count, either, especially with Russian troops prowling the streets of Crimea and other parts of Southern Ukraine.

Please pray for this situation. Please pray that God would convict the men and women involved in this sham that they are sinning against God and their own people. Pray that God-fearing men and women would stand up against this unconstitutional vote tomorrow and that God would somehow foil Putin’s plans to annex parts of Ukraine.

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What are we doing next?

There are many people that are asking, “What are you doing next? Are you still going back?” Our answer is, “Yes.” God has called us to Ukraine. We know that He hasn’t changed that calling, so we are going back as planned on April 15th. Please pray for safe travels and that we would be able get the things we need to bring back to Ukraine. Also, please pray for favor with Lufthansa Airlines. They normally only allow one bag per person, but our travel agent said that they may allow us one extra bag because we are missionaries, but she won’t be able to know for a couple more weeks.

Click here to contact us if you would like to help.

Please help Ukraine!

Please pray for Ukraine and please call your representatives, senators and the president asking them to respond! In 1994 the US signed the Budapest memorandum in which Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons at the promise of the US and EU to help protect Ukraine’s territorial integrity! We must respond and support Ukraine! Russia is attacking them!!!

If you live in Indiana, our senators’ phone #’s are – Joe Donnelly: 202-224-4814 Dan Coats: 202-224-5623. The representative may be different for you but Susan Brooks is mine 202-225-2276.

Click here to read a BBC article about Russia deploying troops to Ukraine.