Katya’s Dad Passed Away Today

Thank you for your prayers for Katya’s father. He died today of complications. Please pray for us here in the States and our family back in L’viv, Ukraine. Katya’s grandma (her dad’s mom) is having a really hard time. Also pray for wisdom from our Lord to know what He is leading us to do. We try to have a longer, more detailed update sometime next week.

Please pray for Katya’s dad!

Please pray for my (Katya’s) dad. A few days ago, he fell while walking up the stairs. He’s in Intensive Care right now in a coma, and the doctors say that he has a severe contusion in the frontal and occipital lobes of the brain, along with a crack in his skull and a small hematoma. The doctors say that he is in critical condition and are reluctant to give any kind of prognosis. His medication and treatment cost about $80 per day right now. Please pray for our family, for salvation for my dad and for our financial need. Thank you so much!

Left to right – Irena (Katya’s sister), Tanya (Katya’s mom), David, Katya,
and Oleh (Katya’s dad) is in the middle…
Oleh (Katya’s dad) LOVES to joke around and make funny faces. He doesn’t have many photos that are just a normal smile or something.

We put our dog to sleep today…

…I haven’t cried this hard in a long time…

We put our dog, Vesta, to sleep today. That was a lot harder for me than I thought it would be. Katya’s had that sweet old labrador for eleven years, since Katya was 16 years old. They were really best friends. Vesta never lived with Katya and me except for when we lived with Katya’s parents, so I would sometimes think of her more as “Katya’s dog” than “our dog”… No – she was our dog. I haven’t cried this hard in a long time.

Here’s what my wife wrote on her status and some pictures. The first b/w one with Katya and Vesta is from yesterday. The next one is from today, just a few minutes before the vet came. The last one (the color photo) is from the first day that Katya had her as a puppy.

Katya’s post:
I said good by to a faithful friend today. It’s been a crazy day, but through it all, I have seen the faithfulness of our God. He took such good care of Vesta by allowing us all to be near her together as a family today. God’s even faithful to not forget about dogs, and, if we see that, we can surely know that He is faithful to take care of us, His children. I am thankful to Him for eleven years of adventures and joy with Vestalina. Thank you so much Ruslan for being with us today and helping us. Thank you also to all of those that prayed for us!




A (translated) update from Katya on how she’s doing!

God is a great doctor! Last week began with sickness, and then continued with confusion, because we didn’t know what was wrong with me. The end of the story – a diagnosis of kidney inflammation and the ability to see God’s faithfulness! 😀 😀 😀 On Thursday, I felt SO bad! I had a fever and it hurt a lot. Friday we had an ultrasound of my kidneys, and they showed that there weren’t any kidney stones and that the inflammation had already gone down. I feel much better. I’m still taking my medicine, and I still am in pain and discomfort sometimes; however, I know that God has healed me. This is how it is with our sin – we still have those “left over” sins, but God healed the main disease!!! Thank you, Anastasia Furtak for your help and medical services, and thank you all who prayed for me! God heard your prayers!!!

Week of Prayer for Ukraine!

Our church has agreed to host an e-mail “Week of Prayer” for Ukraine on their e-prayer list! The prayer e-mails will go out from this Thursday through Sunday. We are so excited to partner with them in praying – you can also follow along the same e-mail prayer requests through our newsletter.

If you are already a part of our newsletter list, you can click here or follow the link that was in the last e-mail we sent out with the subject “Week of Prayer for Ukraine!”

If your church would like to partner with us, please send an e-mail to Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 9.10.33 AM so that we can connect with your pastor / missions director.

Oh my dear Ukraine! (Katya’s first post!)

ImageIt is so hard to be here in America when all these things are happening in Ukraine and I have no idea what Ukraine will be when we will come back.

All that to say, I see more and more that this is not all about politics any more; it is a spiritual battle against those “who call evil good and good evil,” (Isaiah 5:20,21). It is a battle for justice and truth. I love that churches have an important role and influence in this protest, so that even the government saw it and began to threaten them. A lot of priest, pastors, spiritual leaders and just believers are at the “Maydan” to share the Gospel, to preach, to pray, to encourage, to help…. and people are coming to God! Is’t it awesome!?!?! But my heart hurts, because still those people get hurt.

Let us hold fast and pray for Ukraine. These days are very important for our country.

Let us pray for:

  • That the Ukrainian people would turn to God and Jesus Christ
  • People on the square – their safety and stability
  • Security forces – so that they protected instead of hurt people
  • Changes in the hearts of the government
  • The economic weight of the protests on the nation

Thank you and God bless!