We graduated from Seminary!

Both of us have graduated from the bachelor’s program at Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary! God’s faithfulness over these past four years has been AMAZING.

A video on Facebook commemorating the class of 2022 with the rector’s commencement speech (in Ukrainian).

The mentorship and effective ministry for women and girls faculty class of 2022. Katya is the third from the left.

It was so cool to graduate TOGETHER!

The pastoral ministry class of 2022. David is the third from the right, kneeling in the center.

David receiving his diploma from the rector of the seminary. David graduated with honors, as did most of his class.

Katya hugging her faculty head before receiving her diploma from the seminary rector. The seminary staff have shown us the love of Christ and become some of our best friends, especially in this time of turmoil and confusion.

David is already continuing his studies in the master’s program at UBTS, and Katya is waiting on her faculty to resolve some of the chaos of the war before she can get started again. Our desire is to use the things that we have learned to strengthen the local church here in Ukraine. The more practical needs we see here, the more our desire to study grows, so that we can meet those needs well.

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