Pictures from our trip to America

We had about half a day in Prague before our flight to California
We’re basically pro’s at flying now, though I still can’t sleep on those seats that don’t recline more than 2 degrees!
The CGN International conference was very encouraging
I (David) got to lead worship at the morning prayer meetings a cappella while Wayne Taylor led prayer
A mall in Ukraine where our friends buy groceries was bombed… That was really hard to hear while we were at the CGN conference
Sharing with folks about our mission and ministry at the conference – I’m so proud of how articulate Katya is!
We had a great time at our friend’s church in Sacramento
Our friends from Sacramento
They organized two missions dinners for us – one with friends, and the other with the missions committee of their church
The missions committee was very welcoming and encouraging
Hanging out with Ukrainian refugees in Sacramento
Sharing at at church in Iowa
Hanging out with our friends from Iowa
Sharing at a church in Kansas
We got to go to Calvary Chapel Wichita’s baptism that Sunday – we love to see new people committing their lives to Christ!
Sharing with the youth group at CC Wichita
Hanging out with my mom and stepdad in Texas
Katya and my mom praying with the other women before service at my mom’s church
Hiking with Katya in Tennessee
Hiking with my dad (and Katya, not pictured) in Tennessee
Playing a version of “Sorry” with my dad and stepmom in Tennessee
The Ukrainian Festival in Cleveland
We briefly visited CC Cleveland and met Mike Bucher, “the fastest CC pastor in the world” (look him up on YouTube if you want to know what that means!)
We LOVED sitting under Jordan McGhaughey’s teaching in Indianapolis – he’s the new pastor at HCF, my sending church. Jordan and I went to Bible college together, and I’m very excited to see how God will continue to use him there. We love you, Jordan!
Prayer meeting at HCF
Hanging out with friends at a missions open house in Indianapolis
Hanging out with friends in Indy
Early morning in Prague on the way back

Though our trip to America was short, it was a big blessing to see so many friends and family. I know that we weren’t able to see everyone – if we didn’t see you, let’s try to hang out next time if possible!

If you would like to contact us to see if we can come to your church next time, please click here. If you would like to support what we do, please click here for more information on how.

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