2020, a hard but good year…

2020 was a hard year, not just because of COVID or the election. Many other things happened this year that were “out of the ordinary.” The biggest of those was when our pastor stepped down in early august. However, it’s also actually been a good year. Our church team has been almost forced to grow in so many ways. We’ve become closer to each other than we have ever been – really. I’ve never felt so confident that our team would accomplish the stuff that it sets out to do. We really enjoy each other’s company, both when working and when just hanging out.

We still don’t have a pastor…

We still don’t have a solid plan for 2021…

We still don’t know the basic direction that we want to
take the church…

But we do know two things for

1. We’re going to stick together until God says otherwise.

2. God is working.

Because of all of that, I’m actually very thankful for 2020, even though it was a really hard year to get through. I have more hope today for what God is doing in our church than I did at the end of 2019.

Thank You, Jesus, for getting us through 2020. I’m sure that You’ll get us through 2021 as well.

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