A Productive Quarantine

I hope y’all are all doing ok. I know that America is getting crazy as the election gets closer, riots are moving through the streets, and everyone still has quarantine fever. Katya and I have done our best to be as productive as we can during this period. I want to give you a preview of how that’s been.


I finally found a type of construction that I really enjoy! I’m sure I look strange to American eyes, sawing concrete, but I had a blast filling in a couple of holes in our balcony’s railing. The blocks I’m using are called “gasoblocks” (or “carbonated concrete blocks”) in Ukrainian, so they are much lighter and less dense than normal cinderblocks. I was able to cut them in a way that I didn’t really need mortar for them to be very secure. However, once I shaped them all exactly how I wanted them, I took the entire thing apart and put it all back together with mortar and sprayed other holes with expanding foam.

Construction here in Ukraine is always a bit of an adventure. Mike Pratt can tell you – there’s always some nuance or element that Americans don’t think of, even with something as simple as putting up wallpaper! So, even when I ordered the materials online, I was concerned that I would miss something. Thank God, it went well.

David’s New Podcast

I started a podcast on YouTube and on Anchor.fm about missions life in Central and Eastern Europe called “David Snead Ukraine Missions.” The video above is my most-viewed episode, where David Markey and I talk about God’s amazing work in his and his family’s lives.

Ministry and Seminary Online

Katya and I have both adjusted to our studies being 100% online, with Zoom meetings multiple times a week (not just for seminary, but also for church ministry). I’m very proud of Katya – she’s learning and growing so much. Our church’s home fellowship (which is now being led by someone else) has also moved online, and our church services are just now starting to transition back to in-person meetings.

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