Feeling a little overwhelmed today…

Today has been a little hard with getting starting and getting things done. I sometimes struggle with anxiety, especially when I have a conflict with someone (don’t worry – it’s not Katya) that I’m not sure how to resolve, and when there are a bunch of deadlines or financial ups-and-downs that converge at the same time. That’s today.

Here’s a song that I wrote a couple of years ago on a day like today. Please pray for me, so that I can get through the day, make peace with folks in a godly way, and that God would provide for our financial needs. The deadlines are for seminary and for preaching this Sunday.

I’m writing a newsletter right now (please click here to sign up for our e-mail newsletter if you haven’t yet) about some of those things. It’s often hard to write newsletters on a day like today, because I always want to show just the positive side of what we’re doing here. That’s what people want to hear, right? 🙂 Anways – y’all can pray for that, too.


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