A letter from my pastor

Hey, guys. My pastor is having some serious health problems, and he needs help to pay for his operation. Here’s a letter that he’s getting ready to send out:

October 13, 2018

Dear friends and siblings in Christ,

My name is Ruslan Stropysh, and I’m the pastor of God’s Love, a small Ukrainian Baptist church in Lviv, Ukraine. The Lord saved my wife and me about sixteen years ago, restoring our relationship through His love and grace. During that time of healing and restoration, we adopted two special needs children and have been serving in orphanages or orphan ministry ever since. We believe that this is God’s calling for us, and have expanded our ministry to at-risk children, teenagers, and their families in our area of the city. We are currently raising five children, including the two that we adopted, and three young boys, brothers, that we are raising as their foster family. All but one of our children have special needs or some kind of disability.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, my health took a turn for the worse. In addition to a joint disease that affects my hands and other major joints in my body, I am in severe need of a knee replacement and am in constant pain. This year, my family finally convinced me to start walking with a crutch; I hate being inactive and didn’t want to use a crutch or cane, but using it helps me to get around much more easily.

The pain and problems that come along with it greatly affect my ability to be a father to these children and a pastor for our church. My doctor says that my knee is so bad that it must be replaced soon, otherwise my leg muscles will become atrophied. My femur has already become deformed and there is no cartilage left, so the joint is basically bone-on-bone.

Please pray and consider helping us. We do not have enough money for the operation, and I am less and less able to work to save up for it or even to pay for our family expenses.

If you would like more information, please contact David Snead, our missionary from America, by clicking here.

Blessings and love in Christ,

Ruslan Stropysh
Pastor, God’s Love Church
Lviv, Ukraine

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