4 Sermons (in Ukrainian)

I have had the honor of teaching most of a sermon series in our church over the past month and a half. It was really interesting how it worked out, though. The pastor and I were planning on taking turns; however, every time it was his turn, something came up, and, so far, I have taught every sermon in the series. Unfortunately, they are only in Ukrainian (which is actually a really good thing, because I get to practice preaching in Ukrainian), so you won’t be able to understand them unless you speak the language.

The sermon series is called “Навіщо…”, which can roughly be translated as “Why would you ever want to do that?” The four sermons I’ve taught are: “Why would you ever want to go to church?”, “Why would you ever want to listen to a sermon?”, “Why would you ever want to sing in church?”, and “Why would you ever want to be a Christian?”

Please pray for the preaching ministry in church. Our pastor and I are working hard to get better at it and to bring Christ-centered, inductive teaching to the church.


Якщо ви балакаєте цією прикрасною мовою, ось посилання на ці всі проповіді:

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