This will probably be my longest VLOG…

This will probably be my longest VLOG.

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If you’re interested in making a shortfilm, this is an abbreviated, 15-minute, step-by-step “to do” list for you to go through from pre all the way to post! Go and be creative!

So, do you want to make a shortfilm? I’m, by no means, an expert; however, this is how I do it. It may give you a basic outline on what you need to do to get started. Making a shortfilm is a LONG and DETAILED process, so this abbreviated explanation is a very long video.

Below are the ten steps that I briefly talk about.

1. The idea
2. The script

A book that can help with these two steps: Master of The Cinematic Universe: The Secret Code to Writing In The New World of Media
3. Storyboard
4. Budgeting
5. Casting
6. Schedule and Location
7. Sound (Oh the irony!!!)
8. Shooting

A book that can help with shooting: Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen (Michael Wiese Productions)

9. Editing
10. Coloring

The book links above are affiliate links, and a portion of the sales price goes towards supporting our family and ministry.

Some footage taken from “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” (fair use, education).

Image credits:
“Bamboo book – closed – UCR” by vlasta2, bluefootedbooby on –, CC BY 2.0,

Enchoen27n3200 by 663highland – Own work, CC BY 2.5,

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