Another winter is upon us…

Winter holds a lot of meanings for people. Some associate it with Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and a chance to make new resolutions for the next year. For others, winter is harder, bringing back some bad memory of a family member that was lost on a particular holiday, or it makes them think of some sort of lonliness.

Winter is a mix of all of those things here in Ukraine for most people, I think. It’s hard to begin Christmas celebrations here without thinking about the thousands of soldiers that are fighting on the Eastern Front right now to ensure our freedom to celebrate.

It’s also hard in a way, because this is the fourth winter we’ve had war and revolution here in Ukraine. The war started in 2013, when Victor Yanukovych, the then-president of Ukraine sent police to beat down a small group of protestors downtown, and that war is still being fought in Donbass (Eastern Ukraine).

I was listening to a song today while on the bus called “Злива” or “Downpour”. I didn’t know that it was about the Revolution and war in the East. When I realized what it was about, I almost started crying there on the bus. As I was preparing for this post, I had to fight back tears.

This is our fourth winter, and the war still isn’t over.

The song that I was listening to is below. I’ve roughly translated the chorus (corrections appreciated), which is beneath the video clip.

God save Ukraine.

Pour down, Downpour!
Wash all the filth away, Summer Rain!
We are more tired than ever from this winter

Pour down, Downpour!
I’ll probably never be the same as I was before
I asked someone for the May rain
Oh, that the rain would come and wash away winter

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