10 days in the hospital… DONE!


David is back from the hospital! He was there for 10 days total. They found some new things for him to be aware of health-wise. It was basically a normal treatment and tune-up for his rheumatic fever. Thank you all for your prayers! He actually had a really good time in the hospital, thanks to having a lot of books and friends coming to visit.

The bed above is where he stayed. It was his place to sleep, eat, and work all of that time. The hospital stay itself was free, but the medicines were all out-of-pocket, which added up pretty quickly.

Please be praying for his roommates there. He was in a hospital room with 5 other men: Adrian, Michael, Roman, Vasyl, and an older gentleman that he forgot to get the name of. They had a lot of different conversations, some of them turning to spiritual things. Please pray that they would all get to know Jesus. Vasyl was the one that David spent the most time with. He actually has the exact same diagnosis. David prayed with a couple of them before he left.

Please also be praying that we will be able to find Bicillin-5, a drug that’s only imported from Russia around here. It’s been a little hard to find recently. David is injected with that antibiotic every three weeks to prevent another Strep infection that would then cause his joint pain to come back.

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