Wait… you just canceled the Kickstarter!?

You may have seen the previous post about the homeschooler video project – we still are working on that! We aren’t giving up on it! 😀 However, we have canceled our Kickstarter page. David was praying in staff devotions at church this Tuesday, and it just became more and more clear that God wanted to adjust our timing on that. We want to move it to next year so that we can do more research.

This will make it so that we can make a much better product next year. We want to get in touch with local missionaries and pastors so that we can interview them while we’re there and give a Christian perspective. We’ll be able to show historically how Christianity and other religions affected the cities / countries we’re in and then talk about the current socio-religious climate. If you’re a missionary in Europe and reading this, please comment below! We want to get in touch with you.

P.S. – It’s been a really good week for us. Katya and I are doing well, and we’re getting ready to fly from Indiana to Phoenix to visit my sister and start our tour around the country seeing family. We’re actually going to be able to visit the Grand Canyon, which is a dream for Katya. David’s already been, but it was when he was a little boy, and he doesn’t remember it much. We can’t wait to get back to Ukraine to see family and get back to it.


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