Sharing at Horizon Indy

This past Sunday, we got to see a lot of old friends at Horizon Indy and shared at all three services. It was still a hard morning, and Katya wasn’t feeling up to speaking, so she sat in the congregation while I (David) spoke. Here are some pictures from that:






I love my church here in Indiana. We have been really blessed with friends here that are very supportive and loving to us during this time. Please keep praying for us. It is very emotionally taxing being here in America while our family in Ukraine is going through so much.

We made the decision to stay here, though. We talked it over with our family in Ukraine, and they all pushed us to stay in America. The money that would have gone to tickets should be used for Katya’s mom’s hip replacements and my medical treatment. (Ukrainians are very practical people.) We prayed and talked about it, and decided that would be the best thing, as the tickets would probably cost two or three times as much as they normally would and the funeral is already tomorrow.

Please keep praying for us. Here’s a list of things to pray for:

  • Katya’s grandma as she is mourning the loss of her second son. She’s a widow three times over already, and this only gets harder every time she looses someone.
  • Katya’s mom, who is also now a widow (obviously). She needs both of her hips replaced, and we are working out how to support her now that her husband is gone.
  • The rest of our family in Ukraine (Katya’s sister, etc.) as we all mourn the loss of Oleh.
  • Katya and me here in America. Even though we made the decision to stay, Katya is dealing with the fact that she is separated from her family in a foreign culture.
  • For wisdom for me (David) in general and the ability to be a good comforter for my wife.

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