David made a video about Christmas!

David and some friends got together to make a video about how Jesus is the BEST GIFT during the Christmas season. Here’s a translation of the audio into English:

The year has gone by so fast! Christmastime is upon us! We want to make this time unforgettable, so that we will remember it fondly for the rest of the year… We finally get to see family that we’ve missed all year and buy gifts that will make your loved ones so happy! We get all dressed up to be the “star” of our parties and make delicious food!

We have a saying, “The way you celebrate the new year will set the tone for the rest of it.” Because of that, it’s so important for people to celebrate in a good atmosphere with good friends. Does this work for you, though? Can the excitement of one night really give you peace and joy for the rest of the year?

This reminds me of what Lina Kostenko said:

“Don’t forget the unforgettable,
as it’s already slipping away!
And don’t disregard that which is valuable…”

This brings us to a question – what are those unforgettable, truly valuable things in life?

What should we remember when we celebrate Christmas and the New Year?

Gifts, holidays, and spending time with friends – this is all great, but does it give us real peace and joy for the rest of the year, or two, or for the rest of our lives?

…or are you looking for something deeper and greater, that will truly satisfy your soul?

God knew this need when He created us! He put a desire in our hearts for something eternal. He made with a hole in our hearts that only He can fill.

In the same way that people give gifts during the holidays, God wants to give the gift of a new beginning in our hearts and souls through His Son, Jesus Christ.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating! We wish you a great time with friends and family!

However, don’t forget Whom Christmas is named after, with Whom it’s best to begin a new year, and Who can give you a gift that will last forever in your heart! Jesus Christ!

Would you like to receive a gift like that?

Author and Voice: Zhenya Zabudska
Director: David Snead
Music: Jonathan Markey

All music, sound effects, and shots used by permission.

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