Looking for apartments…

apartmentsHey, guys! It’s been a really, really busy few weeks. I got through 2 classes worth of lectures at seminary. Please pray for me as I am working through the homework (I actually took a finally test completely in Ukrainian) as I have a couple of reports to write over the next month and another test to complete by the end of next week.

Today, we are starting to look for apartments. We are working with a local realtor that has worked with us many times in the past. Please pray for us as we search out the right one. I’m hoping to have an office at home this time – that will actually give me an additional tax break at the end of the year, and allow me to speed up my workflow a lot. Right now, living with Katya’s parents, we feel pretty cramped with all of our stuff, and it’s pretty hard for me to work.

Please also just keep praying for us as we start new ministries here. I’ve had some unexpected setbacks with the web-ministry that slowed down the implementation of our web-strategy.

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